CFP Designation: Your Path to Professional Success

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation empowers you to give financial advice to clients on matters related to personal/business investments, insurance policies, tax saving plans and more. CFP designation is the industry’s gold standard for financial planning. Being a CFP designated agent entitles you to become one of the most recognized financial professionals in the country.

A CFP designation is considered the highest among the professional designations in the field of financial planning.It opens the door to the ever-expanding arena of financial services. According to researchers, Financial Services is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in Canada. The compensation earned by a CFP professional is estimated to be the third highest in North America. These facts validate the scope of CFP as a career option.

Financial services offered by a CFP fall under three categories: planning, investments and insurance. A CFP designation granted by the Financial Planners Standards Council (FPSC) mandates that the CFP professional is committed to internationally-recognized professional standards and ethics while serving his/her clients. In the long run, a CFP may become a financial advisor, giving financial advice to individuals and businesses on a wide variety of financial tools and investment strategies.

In addition to the career benefits, a CFP designation also provides you with a number of personal benefits. A certified financial planner becomes the expert in choosing the right investment program for his/her own needs. Most of them turn to be good entrepreneurs within a short span of time after the procurement of the CFP qualification. The CFP designation earns them credibility in the industry, so the path of investment becomes smooth and quicker.

With your CFP designation, you become the master in selling financial products. Soon after procuring the certificate, you can join the investment agents’ cell and take up the job of selling financial products to clients. You are given the freedom to choose the financial products from the companies that you are interested in and focus on selling them to prospective customers.

A CFP designation is the gateway to global career opportunities. There’s been huge demand for financial advisors in companies all over the world especially during the recession period. An employment as a CFP is the recognition of the skills and competency you earned throughout your learning. The CFP curriculum is extensive and encompasses all areas of financial planning including personal investments, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance and taxes.

A CFP designation also mandates that you follow the professional ethics and personal conduct desirable in the industry. By following these mandates, you earn more respect in the industry, so you are likely to win more clients. Because of this reason, many banks and financial services providers employ CFP professionals to boost their reputation in the industry. As a result, the demand for CFP professionals continues to rise and is likely to shoot up in the coming years.

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